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Dr. Essie Preston

1st Vice President
Dr. Rachelle Guillory Sherman
Program, Planning & Development

Monique Green

Financial Secretary
Chanise Gordon

Dr. LeAndrea Robinson-Cowens

Recording Secretary
Tandiwe Mushonga-Vandroff

Corresponding Secretary
Ronnell Nichols

Chair, Properties Committee
Sheronda Dowdell

Marsha Starks

Risk Management Asst. Coordinator
Aminika Lott

Cynthia Giddens Hunter, Chapter President

Cynthia Giddens-Hunter

Internal Audit Chair Committee
Jenelle Franklin

Cynthia Giddens-Hunter

2nd Vice President
Cherona DeMesma Walzer
Membership Chair

Assistant Treasurer
Shelia D. Tresvant

Assistant Financial Secretary
Ashley Farley-Gilliam

Assistant Chaplain
Valerie Rodgers-Owens

Assistant Secretary
Ronnell Wilson Nichols

Assistant Corresponding Secretary
Janey Brooks

Asst. Custodian
Chair, Properties Committee 

Debonee Ross-Rolland

Paige Charles

Risk Management Committee Coordinator
Dr. Tandiwe Mushonga Vandroff

Internal Audit Chair Committee
Jenelle Franklin

Yvonne Hairston

Leadership Development/Past Presidents Council Chair
Aisha Childs

Arts & Letters, Chair
Necko Taylor

Scholarship Chair
Jenelle Franklin

Women Helping Women Chair
Linda Stewart

Social Action Chair
Christina Tresvant

Health Resources Chair
Stephanie Quarles-Jackson

Chair, Technology Committee
Daisha Matthews

Ways and Means, Chair
Cynthia Giddens-Hunter

Leadership Development/Presidents Council, Chair
Christal Foster Jones

International Awareness, Chair
Projects Committee
Summer Moore

Protocol and Traditions, Chair
Pamela Neal-Robinson

National Pan Hellenic Council, Chair
Nicole McMahon

Emergency Response Team, Chair
Valerie Rodgers-Owens

Economic Development, Chair
Pamela Small Pitcher

Delta Academy, Chair
Jennifer Rockett

Delta GEMS, Chair
Jayla Peevy-Harris

SHE/Senior Health Empowerment
Madalyn Kay Nunley

Event Operations and Budget, Chair
Cynthia Giddens-Hunter

Financial Fortitude, Co-Chair
Vickie Plummer

Ritualistic Ceremonies, Chair
Marsha Starks

Nominating Committe, Chair
Dr. Gayle Ball-Parker

Heritage and Archives, Chair
Dietrich Brown

Policies and Procedures, Chair
Cynthia Giddens-Hunter

Arts & Letters Co-Chair
Susan Williams

Scholarship Co-Chair
Shawn Swanier

Women Helping Women Co-Chair
Jo Jackie Johnson

Social Action Co-Chair
Elise Holsey

Assistant Financial Secretary
Ashley Farley

Technology Committee, Co-Chair
Janae Osby

Ways and Means, Co-Chair
Lula Morehouse

Health Resources Co-Chair
Darlene Lott

Ways and Means
Event Operations and Budget, Co-Chair
Susan Williams

International Awareness Projects Committee, Co-Chair
Doris Wilson

Protocol and Traditions, Co-Chair
Louise Dodson

Leadership Development/Presidents Council, Co-Chair
Linda Evans

National Pan Hellenic Council, Co-Chair
Tylyn Fields

Delta Academy, Co-Chair
Janae Osby

Delta GEMS, Co-Chair
Aubrey Darden

Emergency Response Team, Co-Chair
Vera Dorsey-Reeves

Economic Development, Co-Chair
Jasmine Whaley

Event Operations and Budget
Susan Williams

Financial Fortitude, Co-Chair
Jasmine Whaley

Food Distribution, Chair
Dr. LeAndrea Robinson-Cowens

Heritage and Archives, Co-Chair
LaShawn J. Alvarez

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